Hey, I'm Andreas. I'm unconventional, obsessive and passionate.

I'm the co-founder of Flick.social and Dweet.com.

Currently obsessed with: philosophy (right now Sartre, Nietzsche, Camus, and Dostoevsky), biohacking/self-discovery with AI and the future of work.

I'm into finding cool stuff, and write here..

I'm currently in my late 20s. Before the age of 24, my timeline included:

  • Bootstrapped my first business Flick.social (with my incredible team) from $0 to $3M ARR within a couple of years. This was done whilst I studied computer science at Imperial College London, graduating in the top 3 of the cohort.
  • Co-founded my second business Dweet.com, the first talent marketplace for the Fashion & Luxury industry.
  • Produced award winning research in the space of classification, NLP, graph embeddings, recommendation systems, taxonomy construction and how they can be applied to the Instagram Marketing industry.
    This research acted as the foundations for the algorithms at Flick, which now powers millions of hashtag searches for 100k+ users.

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