Me - Andreas Asprou

Hey, I'm Andreas. A deliberate, unconventional and obsessive individual. This is my personal brain dump.

I live to create, sometimes called "workaholic": attempting to optimize my life around being able to create exceptional products that feel like magic to use and learn as much as possible.

I spend most of my time writing code and designing systems to streamline the process of building & running businesses.

In my down time I explore my hobbies, which include biohacking (quantified self), life philosophy (e.g. Stoicism & Buddhism) and lifestyle design.

Through my journey, I've been exposed to a huge number of interesting problems.

This website aims to share the lessons I've learned through my densely packed early 20s. Before the age of 24, my timeline includes:

  • Bootstrapped my first business with my incredible team from $0 to $3M ARR within a couple of years, for which I solo-engineered for most of it's lifetime. This was done while graduating computer science at Imperial College London in the top 3 of my cohort.
  • Co-founded my second business, the first ever freelance marketplace for the Luxury, Fashion and Retail industries. At Dweet, we're on a mission to empower people in the Luxury & Fashion industry to have independence and flexibility, deciding how, when and for whom they work.
  • Created & solo-engineered multiple side projects/businesses, including: and

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