Me - Andreas Asprou

Hey, I'm Andreas. A deliberate, unconventional, obsessive and intensely passionate individual. This is my personal brain dump.

I live to create stuff, which is often confused with being a "workaholic": attempting to optimize my life around being able to create exceptional products that feel like magic to use and learn as much as possible.

I spend most of my time writing code and designing systems to streamline the process of building & running Flick & Dweet.

In my down time I explore my hobbies, which include biohacking (quantified self), life philosophy (e.g. Stoicism & Buddhism) and lifestyle design.

Through my journey, I've been exposed to a huge number of interesting problems.

This website aims to share the lessons I've learned through my densely packed early 20s. Before the age of 24, my timeline includes:

  • Bootstrapped my first business with my incredible team from $0 to $3M ARR within a couple of years, for which I solo-engineered for most of it's lifetime. This was done while graduating computer science at Imperial College London in the top 3 of my cohort.
  • Co-founded my second business, the first ever freelance marketplace for the Luxury, Fashion and Retail industries. At Dweet, we're on a mission to empower people in the Luxury & Fashion industry to have independence and flexibility, deciding how, when and for whom they work.
  • Produced award winning research in the space of classification, NLP, graph embeddings, recommendation systems, taxonomy construction and how they can be applied to the Instagram Marketing industry.
    This research acted as the foundations for the algorithms at Flick, which now powers millions of hashtag searches for thousands of users.
    I'm now applying these same insights in the development of the job-candidate matching algorithms that power Dweet.
  • Created & solo-engineered multiple side projects/businesses, including: and

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