Dopamine, Process Orientation and Rocky Balboa

How to make your life more enjoyable and make hard things easier.


Mental Performance

Smarter Living

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“Don’t solve the problem” - Implementing dynamic table of contents from the Notion API

Do more, in less time P1: Applying problem solving mental models to the problem of automatically generating a table of contents using the Notion api in record time.


Smarter Living

Software Engineering

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Using Temporal.io inside a Nx Monorepo

A rough exploration of running Temporal.io within Nx Monorepos


Software Engineering

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On Mindfulness - Part 1

My thoughts on Buddism and notes from Joseph Goldsteen’s lectures.


Life Philosophy


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Key Characteristics of Successful Early Stage Founders

The four qualities that you often come across in successful early stage founders.



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Recreating Vercel's static in-app page skeleton loaders in Next.js

Strategies and patterns for per-page authentication and skeleton loaders inspired by Vercel in Next.js.


Software Engineering

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